before a session

  • The client lays on the massage table, fully clothed. A bolster is placed underneath the calves / knees to improve circulation.
  • The client and practitioner discuss the client’s intention for the session – what kind of positive energy should they focus on sending? This can range from anything from diminish physical pain or emotional stress, to even a simple mantra such as “clarity”.
  • The practitioner typically gives a new client some insight into what the experience should feel like. The client will place her hands on the client (no more than the weight of a nickel), on different parts of their body. The client may feel tingling or heat sensations during this.

during a session

  • The client’s eyes should be shut, hands at sides, and talking during the session should be at a minimum. (Obviously speak up if you’re uncomfortable or have a question, but the majority of the session should be peaceful/ silent.)
  • The client should focus their mind and presence on their Happy Place. This is a place where they feel most calm, comfortable, and free, and where they can be in a meditative state. Any thoughts that come by can be acknowledged, but they should try to keep their concentration in this Happy Place.
  • The practitioner either lays hands lightly on client or hovers them over their body. Since the practitioner is working in the client's abstract energy field, touch is not always necessary.



after a session

An immediate positive response by clients is almost always expressed. Decreased or elimination of pain is common. A better night’s sleep is also common. Individuals who were previously feeling anxious often report a high level of relaxation and well-being.

distant sessions

Since energy flows through all things, including air, long- distance sessions are available in Reiki. The practitioner focuses on sending universal energy to the client as if they were there in-person. Long-distance sessions have been said to be just as effective as those in-person.