We all have one: that place our mind immediately goes to when we imagine a safe and comfortable environment.

This is where we can be our true selves: allowing ourselves to be present, casting aside grudges of the past, and pausing our worries for the future. 

This place can be a fragment of a childhood memory, a calming scenery in nature, or even being in the presence of a loved one, but its purpose is the same: to provide relaxation and stress-relief. 

Reiki's intention is to provide that same outcome to feel happy, healthy, loved, and worry-free.

what is reiki?


Reiki (pronounced ray-key) is based on the concept that universal energy flows in and through all living things.

When we endure physical pain or emotional stress, the body's energy and spirit is low or blocked. A Reiki session restores this flow of energy that in turn holistically balances the body, mind, and spirit.


In the form of light-touch healing, the Reiki practitioner will place her hands on the client's fully-clothed body.

Certain locations of hand-placement correspond to centers of energy in the body's cranio-sacral system known as chakras. The energy level in each chakra helps a practitioner assess where physical and emotional ailments may reside in the client. Our energetic health is at its best when of our chakras are flowing in harmony, and the main focus of a Reiki session is to balance these energy chakras and remove blockages, if any.

While Reiki is an ancient Japanese technique and a common form of treatment throughout the world, its many benefits are only now becoming incorporated into Western medicine.



Reiki helps with the following:




muscle paiN

sleep disturbance

energy balancing

removing toxins

chronic fatigue


joint pains




releasing emotions

creating inner peace

strengthening immune systeM


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